Who is Land's Edge?

Land’s Edge is one of Australia’s leading providers of dynamic and progressive outdoor education experiences for schools and other groups.

Land’s Edge partners with its clients to develop and deliver high-quality education outdoors programs that combine curriculum learning, adventure and personal growth and that meet each client’s philosophies, policies and outcomes.

About Our Staff

We are proud of the high quality of our teaching and administrative staff.

Safety Management

We have an impeccable track record with regard to participant safety

Our Affiliations

Land’s Edge enjoys programming partnerships with key organisations and providers
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empowering young people

Our Aim

Land’s Edge aims to empower young people by developing and strengthening their self-confidence and personal competence through meaningful and innovative programming that is at once stimulating, challenging and enjoyable.

problem solving skills for young people

Our Approach

Land’s Edge favours an inquiry-based (constructionist) and lifelong learning approach with a focus on students’ thinking skills, reasoning, problem-solving and evaluation.

outdoor challenges for young people

Our Vision

Most importantly, Land’s Edge works with young people towards development of a set of knowledge, skills and behaviours that prepares them for the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

learning in nature

Our Programming

Land’s Edge programming provides young people with time to enjoy the natural (and where appropriate, urban) environment, be challenged by it mentally, physically & spiritually, and to reflect upon their experience in it.

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Locations We Use

Land’s Edge implements its programs in Australian locations that the company believes are truly inspirational – unique places that have an immediate and positive impact on young people and adults alike.

This impact remains with participants long after they have packed up camp and returned to their daily lives. All locations in which Land’s Edge operates are ones for which its staff have an abiding passion, deep respect and thorough understanding.

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Visions & Values

Land’s Edge has a unique approach to education outdoors, that is, innovative and meaningful programming with a whole child, whole curriculum, whole community focus.

Land’s Edge works in an ethical manner according to the company’s values.  These values underpin all the company’s decisions and actions.

We work in a true partnership with our clients
We take a long-term view
We respect the environment
We provide leadership
We use resources equitably
We are fair and credible
We have a visionary and innovative approach, considering at all times the needs of future generations
We respect different views, respect each other and act with integrity, openness and honesty
We share responsibility and accountability
We act with passion and decisiveness
Land’s Edge’s vision and values enable the company to meet many learning outcomes in spite of external factors such as physical abilities, confidence levels, academic prowess, situational circumstances, prior experience and cultural background.
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P: (02) 4234 3278 | E: info@landsedge.com.au

PO Box 326, Berry NSW 2535


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Star gazing on our programs is always such a wonderful evening activity with the students, with lots of “WOWs” going on!

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Timeline Photos

With a few good days of rain on the coast, we are hoping it gets out into the drought areas of Australia asap. Hearing how dire some areas currently are..

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On Camp with Land's Edge

A recent Murramarang program from a student's perspective!

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