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Kosciuszko National Park

The Australian alpine regions are some of the oldest snow-covered landscapes in the world.  An Australian alpine experience provides young people a fantastic opportunity to visit and explore the stunning Kosciuszko National Park all year round but especially while it is covered in snow when our world-renowned twisted Snow Gums display their beauty and their ability to bend with the snow’s weight. 

Land’s Edge Foundation programming in this location is renowned throughout the outdoor education industry as being of the highest-quality and managed by the best outdoor educators in Australia.

Summer Option: LEF offers young people an opportunity to explore the region during the warmer months, when the sight of the ground blanketed with delicate and colourful Australian wildflowers is spectacular.

Winter Option: For the most part in alpine areas, LEF offers programs of between three and five days but as all programs are tailored for individual groups, longer trips can be arranged.  Both residential and expedition-style programs are offered.

All LEF Alpine Experiences are appropriate for the requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh Award (Gold, Silver or Bronze).

This park is nationally and internationally recognised as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It contains six wilderness areas, and its alpine and sub-alpine areas contain plant species found nowhere else in the world. The park is also home to the rare Mountain Pygmy Possum and Corroboree Frog.

One of the world’s great national parks, and the largest in New South Wales, it covers almost 675,000 hectares and contains the highest mountains in Australia; the famous Snowy River and all NSW ski fields.



Groups undertaking Kosciuszko programming can choose the style of accommodation depending upon program outcomes and budget.

Residential accommodation is offered at he Redlands High Country Campus in Jindabyne.
Camping is either within the grounds of High Country Campus or within the Kosciuszko National Park.

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LEF can arrange all transportation to and from Kosciuszko National Park as required.  LEF arranges all Park passes.



LEF provides all catering and dietary requirements for all programs.

LEF adheres to the Australia & New Zealand Food Standards Code, meeting, in particular, Standards 3.2.2 (Food Safety Practices & General Requirements) and Standard 3.2.3 (Food Premises & Equipment).



LEF provides equipment for all seasons including ski equipment, tents, packs, sleeping mats, trangias (for cooking) etc